Cryptocurrency for extreme transaction protection


Ferro is created with a high level of confidentiality in mind. Based on the CryptoNote protocol along with Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT), transactions and transaction amounts are fully anonymous.


With the use of our own distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction on the network is secured by high-end cryptography. All users can count on plausible deniability and remain hidden.


Our blockchain is fully analysis-resistant and all transactions are obfuscated to ensure all activity within the network cannot be linked to particular users or real-world identities.

Download Ferro

Current version: v.0.1.1

Download for Linux

Linux 64-bit (CLI)

Source code

Source code (CLI)

Ferro roadmap

October, 2017
  • Development

    Start of development Ferro

Q1, 2018
  • Release

    Release Ferro v.0.1.1

Q2, 2018
  • GUI Wallet

    Release Simple GUI Wallet

Q2, 2018
  • Light Wallet

    Release Light-weight GUI Wallet

Second Half, 2018
  • Online Wallet

    Release Online/Web Wallet

Q4, 2018
  • Mobile Wallet

    Release Mobile Wallet